I will create a customised workout programme
tailor-made nutrition plan

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Personal Trainer
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800+ exercises,
300+ guides, calculators
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I will create a customised workout
programme that includes video tutorials
to help you reach your goals.
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Reach your goals

Body recomposition
Whether you want to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, or even maintain your current body weight by improving the muscle-to-fat ratio
Athletic performance
Enhancing absolute strength capacity (1RM) in the big lift, boosting cardiovascular fitness, and improving performance in different sports to build an athletic and functional physique
Health and well-being
Promoting overall health and well-being, as well as gaining emotional and physical balance — Mens sana in corpore sano

Work out at the
gym or at home with
made-to-measure workouts

Customised personal training — down to the last detail
I fit your programme around the equipment you own, as well as your training experience and targets, how much time you have over the week, and what progress you can expect to see over time
Making all necessary adjustments to your ongoing programme
We can readjust your current programme based on your weekly feedback — or whatever other reason (an accident, a work-related commitment, illness, an upcoming trip, gym closure…)

exercises, on the app or
as a printable PDF

Short videos on how to perform the exercises
Over 800 IronManager video tutorials with smart, practical tips to improve your form, for a more effective and safer workout
Clear instructions for the most advanced workouts, too
Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you will be able to smoothly work your way through the most advanced techniques and exercises

I have coached both
expert and beginners
of all ages 100% online

We can work together remotely and effortlessly
Thanks to my app and today's technology, I have seamlessly coached lots of people online
A plan based on your fitness level, age, gender, and job
There's no one-size-fits-all training programme. In the past, I have coached both first-time exercisers and Olympians, as well as Italian Serie A football players

Tailored cardio sessions,

Discover the benefits of cardio
You'll receive in-depth information to discover and appreciate the benefits of cardiovascular training — engineered for maximum performance so that you won't waste your time
Personal training to suit your fitness level
A coaching protocol designed and proposed to match your fitness profile, with specific indications on the most efficient intensity level for you (RPE scale and MHR%)

and measurements TO GET

100+ questions to further individualise your plan
Sports, medical, and diet history. I'll collect extensive information on your recent sports performance, eating habits, sleep quality, stress levels, and overall lifestyle
Track your progress over time
Track your progress on the app and share it with me to fast-track your body composition and performance goals.


I calculate your daily intake requirements to match your training programme
Learn to eat what you need — no more, no less — and I'll help you assess your daily calorie requirements
I'll also provide you with an essential handbook to learn the ropes of flexible dieting
You'll receive a guideline handbook explaining the basics of a flexible and sustainable approach to your diet


Learn what actually works, and where you can save some money
I only recommend general health and sports supplements with a proven track record, broadly substantiated by the scientific literature
Intake recommendation
In the programme, I will provide detailed guidelines on how frequently, when, how much, and exactly which supplements and functional foods to eat


Theory deep-dives
I will share with you the books, websites, and podcasts I regularly turn to, so that you can further explore the topics you're interested in
I value your time
I will support you in adopting a scientific-critical approach and selecting the few truly reliable sources on these matters.

Reach out via chat
Your coach in your pocket
for any questions
you may have

Weekly touchpoints
I am available to clarify any doubts and answer any questions — and almost always in real-time
I'll check in with you to know how the programme is going
Help me monitor your journey, so that I can further customise it and fine-tune up to the last detail


At the beginning
During the first video call, we'll get to know each other better, identify your goals, and set the course of action to get there
Halfway through
Aside from our weekly chats, we'll have another video call after four weeks to assess the situation and decide on the next steps towards your final goal
At the end
After eight weeks, we'll look back on our journey together-the goals we've reached- and set new targets.
Looking for a nutritional plan, too?
Find out more
Get in touch with me so that we can assess you and your starting point and work out a tailor-made solution to help you achieve your goals!
Made-to-measure workout programme
Modifications to your ongoing programme
Target-based programme length
Nutrition 101
Get in touch through the app chat or by e-mail
A few tips on supplements
Routine check-ins
Complementary cardio protocols
or click here to chat with me on the website
Tailor-made programmes designed exclusively by me. You can choose between a basic workout plan or an all-round nutrition and exercise consultation.
1. Choose the service(s) you want to gift.
2. Within 24 hours, you will get an email with the gift voucher.
3. The recipient can choose when to get started on their own.

Personal trainer - €99

Personal trainer PRO 8 weeks - €399

Personal trainer + Nutrition - €170 (discount €30)

Personal trainer + Nutrition PRO 8 weeks - €680 (discount €120)

Two workout programmes and meal plans- tailor-made and designed exclusively by me. Start your journey with your partner or friend - or just pick your buddy and motivate each other.
1. Choose your preferred service(s).
2. Within 24 hours, you'll get an e-mail with 2 credentials sets to log into the app and fill in the questionnaire.
3. We will schedule two separate, one-on-one video calls
4. As soon as your programmes are finalised, you will find them in the app

Personal trainer x2 - €170 (discount €30)

Personal trainer PRO 8 weeks x2 - €680 (discount €120)

Personal trainer + Nutrition x2 - €340 (discount €60)

Personal trainer + Nutrition PRO 8 weeks x2 - €1360 (discount €240)

Personal trainer
+ nutrition
A customised workout plan that also comes with a weekly nutritional programme. You can choose whether to add weekly touch-points via the app and video calls throughout your journey.

Personal trainer + Nutrition - €170 (discount €30)

Personal trainer + Nutrition PRO 8 weeks - €680 (discount €120)

Custom workout plan
8-week full coaching plan
Choose how long your coaching programme is going to last for
An 8-week programme, after which you can choose whether to carry on at a discounted price
Video Calls
Introductory video call to help me draw up your plan
One introductory video call to help me draw up your plan
One video call halfway through
One video call at the end of your plan

You can buy additional video calls at any time here:
Fully tailor-made
Your plan will be fully made to measure based on what I’ll learn about you from the introductory video call and from the questionnaires
We’ll just talk 48 hours after I’ve delivered your plan to answer your questions (if you have any)
Unlimited contact options via the IronManager app chat
No check-ins
Weekly check-ins and progress monitoring by sending me your pictures / videos / measurements / weight
Changes to the plan
No changes to the plan after the initial 48 hours
Your plan can be changed halfway through based on your check-ins, feedbacks, and progress
Food tips
Tips on your macros (carbs, fats, and proteins) and their daily/weekly allocation to help you reach your goals

You can purchase a complementary nutrition plan here:
Comprehensive cardio protocols as a complement to your tailored workout plan
A few tips on supplements
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